Just Wondering: Why Can’t We Label Native Americans As Racists, Too?

Another food writer’s hypocrisy and dreams of inequality has got on my nerves. Compare the following.

Rational fears of coronavirus have emptied San Francisco Chinatown restaurants.  Eater.com .

Conclusion by the radical left:  Chinese who bring infectious diseases are victims of racism.  So says a staff writer at Eater.com, article excerpts and link below.

Christopher Columbus – a European and my hero – brought (deliberately?) infectious diseases to America.  Many Native Americans died.

Conclusion by the radical Left:  Columbus Was A Racist White Supremicist (link to SacBee story below)

Why Can’t We Label Native Americans As Racists For Their Claims of European diseases, Too?  In fact, why can’t we label gay men as disease carriers, too?  Answer:  gays and Chinese are among the victim class.


“Eater” is an online Left-leaning website that willfully injects cringe-worthy politics and social justice into restaurant reviews.

“Pinning Coronavirus on How Chinese People Eat Plays Into Racist Assumptions”

“The outbreak has had a decidedly dehumanizing effect, reigniting old strains of racism and xenophobia that frame Chinese people as uncivilized, barbaric ‘others.'”

‘The outbreak has had a decidedly dehumanizing effect, reigniting old strains of racism and xenophobia that frame Chinese people as uncivilized, barbaric “others” who bring with them dangerous, contagious diseases and an appetite for dogs, cats, and other animals outside the norms of Occidental diets. These ideas, perennially the subtext behind how Chinese people are viewed by the Western gaze, have been given oxygen anew after preliminary reports linked the coronavirus outbreak to a Wuhan wet market where produce and meat are sold alongside livestock and more exotic wildlife like snakes, civet cats, and bamboo rats; and to bats, which are frequent carriers of viruses that cause human disease.

 . . . ‘Second, the hypocritical idea that some animals are socially permissible to eat, while others are not, is a belief in one’s own cultural hegemony.'”


The fact that liberals in California affirm that Christopher Columbus was responsible for bringing European diseases to America and thereby (deliberately?) murdering thousands of Natives is lost on Eater’s editors.  It’s also lost on Jenny G. Zhang (her article below).

So, while it’s trendy to scream RACISM at European ancestors like myself, it’s forbidden to claim that Natives are racist!

In addition to racist claims, another point Zhang makes in her piece is that one person’s creepy animal protein source is another person’s source of acceptable cultural appropriation.  In short, eating bats and rats and dogs — even though unsanitary — is acceptable because it’s Chinese.

Our reasonable fear of coronavirus from a live exotic animal market comes from concerns of sanitation, not race!

Will Chinese-Americans Politicize Coronavirus like the Victims of HIV/AIDS Have?

It’s not by accident that this kind of politicization of a communicable disease comes out of San Francisco.  It’s well-known that gay activists there were violently against any kind of routine control of HIV.  The result, of course, is victims of the disease have routinely spread HIV/AIDS throughout the U.S.  due to a “hands off” policy of the Centers for Disease Control.


Video:  World Health Organization changes name so as not to cause discrimination against “any group of people.”  China Uncensored and China Uncensored’s YouTube Channel.

“California swaps Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples Day.”  Governor Gavin Newsom:  “I will never forget going on the tours of all the Spanish missions and building the actual forts,” Newsom said during a Capitol event to honor Native American Day.  “I remember the cowboys and Indians. Nobody taught me empathy, sensitivity or understanding as it relates to what really happened. This was the original genocide. It was about white supremacy.” Sacramento Bee.

“The Politics of The AIDS Movement:  Blame Everyone Else.” Stealthcare: exploring biomedical research.