Audiobook Review: “Fortune’s Children: the Fall of the House of Vanderbilt”

This is only my second post about audio books.

What Happened to Their Wealth?  How the Vanderbilts Earned It, Spent It, and Lost It.



The book draws you into the Gilded Age in America like no other.  The author is a Vanderbilt, too!  He knows what he writes about.



Patrick Lawlor, Narrator.  Click image to hear a 4-minute sample:

Patrick Lawlor held my attention throughout.  He has a special gift with his vocalizations of different characterizations, emotions, and male or female.  He reads in female voices without making your skin crawl.  When a narrator does that, I return the book to the library.  Yes, I get all my audio books from the public library.

The audio book is 18 hours long!  I listened to all of it while sewing an apron.  I’m a very confused sewer and that’s the reason it took me that long.  I loved this book because of the narrator, Patrick Lawlor.   Every time I look at that apron I’ll be reminded of the book.

As I listened, I went on the internet and looked up the photographs of the Vanderbilt, their homes, parties, yachts, and fashions.

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