When life gives you lemons, make Lebanese Lemon Chicken or a fresh olive oil and lemon vinaigrette.  Nina.

I’m a home chef in Northern California.  As a retiree with more time to cook, I enjoy preparing meals for my husband and I regularly.  I finally have a large kitchen with a pantry and never knew what I’d been missing without that pantry!  We very rarely eat out because I can’t sit that long due to impatience and boredom.  I’m often disappointed in restaurant food no matter how reputable the place is.

Our daughter Natalie is my inspiration for this blog.  She also enjoys home cooking.

We grow oranges, lemons, and grapefruit in our little garden. We also grow tomatoes and peppers.

The header image is a painting titled “Suspense” by Victorian English artist Charles Burton Barber.

The logo image is me in 1976 Portland, Oregon.