Review of Ettore’s European Cafe and Bakery in Roseville CA

My husband and I tried out the new Ettore’s in Roseville, CA.  It was a disappointment.  Don’t get me wrong because the food was delicious.  It was the cold, hygienic atmosphere.  It reminded me of a hospital cafeteria.  Lots of glass cases, a hard tile (I think) floor and high ceiling, all of which served to amplify the noises.

The original location of Ettore’s is in Sacramento.  That restaurant and bakery is snug and cozy.  The tables are close together and you can hear the conversations at the adjacent tables.  That adds to a homey ambience.

At the Roseville cafe, we had a lovely quiche made with a hearty crust, ham, scallions, and a delicate touch of Swiss cheese.  I was so impressed that I looked in my cookbooks for a similar recipe and found one.  I made it and was delighted that I didn’t gag — I have a gag reflex to old eggs.  It’s a long story I may expound on in another post later.

Ettore’s Nugget Market Location

Ettore’s has a bakery located inside the Roseville Nugget Market and is our favorite location.  I shop there weekly anyway.  They bake a fabulous Ciabatta bread in both a size for sandwiches and a larger loaf.  They serve this coffee that is out of this world!!  It’s called Equator Boutique Coffee.  I should review Nugget later, too.

OWNERS Ettore Ravazzolo and Meggan-Rush Ravazzolo.

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